Saturday, May 03, 2008


if that makes ANY sense to you, you're most likely studying for the herbs section of NCCAOM National exams. *sigh*. i'm SO tired of studying. but that being said, i haven't really even studied. i guess i feel like after 4 years i should pretty much know this. and what *exactly* can i study, anyhow? it's EVERYTHING. so... we'll see. the test is today at 4.30pm and then i'm taking my second section (points) on monday at 5pm.

oddly. i'm really not nervous at all. part of me feels like i should be, because well, this is my future, right? i kind of have 4years and 110,000+ riding on this and it's not like i want to fuck it up. but, at the same time, i have to know enough not to fail. and it's kind of reminding me of my whole SAT ordeal - like i'm going to think the whole thing was just stupid.

wish me luck!

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