Tuesday, March 18, 2008

...between an overload of information/and striving for a pure dedication/i find myself looking for the exit sign...

so. it's official. i'm crap at keeping a blog. but life, as they say, has been crazy. what else is new, you may ask? exactly. that's the problem.

ok, brief recap since my last post:
1) amy and natalie came to visit, it was fabulous to see them both. however they got unexpected rainy SD weather... and found that their favorite place was la jolla. who ever would have guessed? but thanks, both of you, i didn't get to spend nearly enough time, but it was a treat to have you, and puma misses your toes dearly!

2) house-sitting for elizabeth - my friend elizabeth went to NZ for 2 weeks to run to ironman, and i got to take care of her two dogs for the first week. she beat her last time despite insane weather, and had a wonderful trip around NZ and even got to hang with simon (i'm jealous!).

3)emily came to visit!!!! (well, sort of... she was out interviewing/visiting scripps to check out their PhD program and i got to steal her for 24 hours!). it was awesome to see her. there was much frolicking with sarah and celli and then saturday night, i had a bit of a pre-birthday get together at the bluefoot, which em got to attend and meet a bunch of my friends. it was fabulous!

4)sarah's bridal shower - beautiful, great to see everyone, and the whole "in the dark" thing was a trip... (we lost power for almost the entire party...).

5) bjorn was in town last week and so i hung out with him and TJ at Bondi's trivia night - superfun. and bjorn wanted to know why i wasn't moving to portland already... it's a good question, eh?

was supposed to go camping in anza borrego this past weekend, but weather conditions caused us to cancel :( which was sad. but had a superfun night at marissa's with devon, cheryl, celeste and jenna... good times ladies, thanks! and pretty much took the rest of the weekend easy.

and here we are. week 12 of school which means biophysics final thursday (ick) and 2 more weeks of classes, and 3 weeks of clinic left. that is just CRAZY. i can't believe this whole process is actually coming to an end. i've submitted my application for national boards, and it's been received, so i should hear from them in the next month and be able to register for my test dates (i'm thinking mid-may -which means i really oughta study). still have to mail in my states application, but that's not til august, so no rush there.

along those lines, it's really exciting to almost be done with school. i'm freaking out a little bit about finances... but i suppose that's normal. and tell everyone you know they really need to get a massage from me :P

ok, really not even thinking about that right now. *deep breath*

and yeah, other than that, life is pretty good. just trying to make it through the next few weeks. still getting some boxing in, which was awesome today (thanks niko!) and just planned a camping trip for joshua tree next month (SO excited) and can't wait to figure out all my oregon stuff once i have some time again!

*sigh* that was more than enough, wasn't it?

oh! but cooking! i made the fabulous coffee-cake on smittenkitchen's blog, a couple of weeks ago and sadly couldn't find rhubarb so used blackberries... still divine, and i'd have pictures but my camera is sick right now :(... but i highly recommend it!