Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Abstract of Judgment

man. long day and it's only 7.30pm. so, what i may have neglected to mention previously about my life is that i am currently doing some temp work. at a law office. and it's pretty mindless, we just have to go through a billion and twelve boxes of files and remove the abstract of judgment and judgment from each file and then scan them...etc. it sounds like hell, but actually wasn't too bad. i went through 5 boxes today and watched an hour and a half video on debt collection (that's what the law office does) and i did learn some interesting things regarding the law and the practice of debt collection, let's hope it doesn't have to come in handy... but ya never know. the other fabulous thing is that cheryl is also temping there, so we get to hang out in the conference room and do the files together, or listen to music. all in all, it could be worse and it pays ok. this being said, i'm glad i'm doing it for only 2 weeks.

so, why this is at all relevant is because i start my day just after 5am, when i get up for boxing, then have to make lunch and snacks for the day, pack my boxing stuff and all my work clothes and get to the gym by 6. box for an hour (today i worked with this girl, and she was a little too hardcore for me, and she had to comment on EVERYTHING i did. i'm all for learning and constructive criticism, and i know i don't know what i'm doing, but she had to say something about EVERYTHING. ugh, i wasn't into it at 6am this morning, i would have preferred bag work by myself.) and then i showered and changed at the gym(the showers there are actually pretty nice) and then off to cheryl's and we carpooled to work. get home at almost 6pm, cook dinner and i just did some data entry work for Amy.

and now it's 7.30 and as sad as it is, i am absolutely ready for my bed. unfortunately, i can't quite make it there yet. i've still got dishes to do, stuff to cook for tomorrow (i definitely didn't have enough snacks today, i was so hungry all the time!), set out clothing for tomorrow and also put away a stack of laundry that's been sitting in my room for days, and clean a bit. i suppose at some point i should study too (have my other NCCAOM tests this weekend) but that may just have to wait for tomorrow. my goal is to be in bed by 9.30. (i know, quite the life i lead) but somehow even 7 hours of sleep doesn't make getting up at 5 any easier.

in other news, i applied for this massage job at a day spa on monday. i'd really actually like to get it, met with the guy for about 30min, the place was BEAUTIFUL. he said to call him back today to set up a time to demonstrate my massage skills and i called and he had no idea who i was. always a good sign. awesome. he said he'd call me back in an hour (he was busy with a client) but so far, no go. will call him again tomorrow...

ok, off i go, if i ever want to actually sleep!

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