Monday, October 19, 2009

all the leaves are brown...

actually. they're not at all. they're brilliantly colored reds, oranges and yellows right now. just stunning.

but that song has been running through my head for days, so i had to use it.

so, about my last post. probably any of you reading this already know, because i've talked to you, but let me explain anyway.

i've been sort of stressed out. working multiple places, feeling scattered and that my energy was so ungrounded - which is not beneficial to me or my patients, nor do i think it will help me be successful. so, i had to make a decision, to gather what is healthy and good and let go of that which doesn't serve me any longer... i decided to quit Tri-D. which was a really difficult decision for me, because i get so much out of being there that is not monetary. i love the boys, i love working out and in my head that was *exactly* the kind of place i was going to go and make my sports medicine practice.

unfortunately, it just wasn't busy, and i was spending too much time and effort and it's been about a year, and it just hasn't been going anywhere. so, i decided it had to go. but, i was worried about telling the owner, because as much as i know i needed to do it, part of me really didn't want to. however, since i have - i feel SO much better. not to mention it means i am no longer going to early morning networking...i won't even get into that.

but, seriously, it was like this weight lifted, my anxiety left, my sleep is better. it's so cliche, but true - this is what stress does to you, i guess. that being said, it's now on me to make this work 100%, no outside attributions for success or failure, this is my life and i have to make it work. which is so exciting, and i am so passionate about it, but it terrifies me too. i'm in for a lot of hard work.

i think i'm ready. let's do this!

but i want to thank all my friends and family for their support through this - i know i was such a mess - thank you for your listening, your hugs, and your love! also, thank you to tim, who is a web genius, and figured out how to make my anatomy acupuncture blog be integrated into my website. go check it out and my new post on autumn... and tell me what you think.

anyway, as i come to more of center in the next couple of weeks, with a more organized schedule i plan on having devoted time for writing, both for myself and to share. it'll be a good thing.

here's to transition...

Thursday, October 08, 2009

on autumn...

"It is a time of turning inward; a time to gather what is good, healthy, abundant and pure to our centers; a time to let go of what no longer serves us well and release what holds us back."

in the midst of gathering information for a blog post on TCM and autumn i came across the above quote. given my current life state it was some affirmation i needed. more on this later, and hopefully a full fledged post on the anatomyacupuncture site.

anyway, just thought i'd share.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

" calendar lies crumbled/laid to waste..."

It's been scrawled on, thumbed through and changed. Will this be the measure of my days? Dinners and appointments and deadlines I can't make.
-Indigo Girls "I'll Change"

i promise i haven't forgotten you. i've just been... tired. so tired. september, was a hectic month. lots of travel, lots of visitors - all of it fabulous and fun, but had me running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, and while i planned to post many times (oh, do i have photos for you!) i just never *quite* managed to find that time...

we can still be friends, right?

september began calmly enough... but all of a sudden i was heading out to montana - and you know how it is when you leave town, everyone wants to see you...lots of late appointments, lots of work to do, not to mention pack and sort out the roadtrip. finally, we left early one friday morning, and excepting my *first* speeding ticket EVER it was a wonderful journey. i think it was the fastest (not literally, thanks to officer mark o'neill) 10 hours in the car. the weather was beautiful, the scenery (except eastern WA) new and pretty and well, i guess the company wasn't half bad either. :P

how do i describe montana... the trip was amazing. outside the rugged beauty of the land, and the very accomodating weather, seeing Katrin was phenomenal. So great to catch up, to see her get married, to meet Jake... what a beautiful setting for the wedding (finley point on flathead lake!) and Kat was a stunning bride! after the wedding we hit up glacier national park for a couple days... i don't have the words to do it justice... please take a look at the photos.

back to portland on tuesday, work, clean, pack, back on the road on friday to the oregon coast. a much shorter trip (yay!) but also beautiful! had a weird, alternate universe moment - being at the beach with Matt and Jodie, but not the OBX... kind of bizarre. awesome to see them, a superfun wedding with Jake and Jackie. the setting was beautiful - the beach at sunset is hard to beat, and the reception was great! then back home on sunday, pick up Em from the airport and frolic!

then mama came the next tuesday, and alas, had to send her back home yesterday...

and somehow. it's october. i don't really know how that happened. while i am so grateful i got to see so many people in september, i'm wiped. i think i need a month to recover and regroup.

october is my get it together month. which means, i'll get it together. i'll post photos, thoughts, and possibly even be witty... you never know.

keep me honest... i'll be back in a week, tops.