Saturday, May 10, 2008

done. move. next.

photographic evidence is always nice.

TCM theory: check!

biomed: check!

acupuncture: check!

herbs: check!

well, kids, that's it for the NCCAOM national board exam for acupuncture and herbal medicine. now i just have to wait for a certificate (which i won't get for another month or so til i finish taking my CNT class)

it's kind of weird. i thought i'd be all excited and giddy and all these things. but it's really rather anticlimactic. i guess partially because i can't practice in CA with it anyway, so i have to wait until i move to make use of it :). speaking of moving... i need to get on that figuring out oregon thing...

but before i that i really need to grocery shop, clean my house and go for a run. and if anyone wants to take me to dinner tonight, i wouldn't be opposed :P.

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