Monday, August 25, 2008

should i stay or should i go?


moving is hell.

*so* overwhelmed right now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008's a nice day /for a white wedding...

a few pix from eric and meryl's wedding that mostly i stole from ems :) more to come later!

Friday, August 15, 2008

between the bars


it's been a crazy few weeks. all the CAB drama with the letter saying i couldn't take the boards. the appeals, the approval but no approval letter. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA i didn't need. needless to say i was livid and the only saving grace being that i already have my national certification and am moving in a few weeks out of state. so, i won't relive all the anger and in the end i was able to take the exam (though really at that point i didn't care anymore) but they had to fax my approval letter to my hotel in sacramento the day before the exam... whatever. anyway, exam over. don't know how i did. but didn't actually study, so it'll be an adventure when i get the results in a month, when theoretically i'll be in practice in oregon! (i have in fact sent in my application for licensure, so i'm just waiting on that...)

so, craziness in SD. got to spend time with em and viks, and clint was down for a weekend... fun to see him! then ems got her own place in la jolla, which i have yet to see, but am excited because she is taking a bunch of my stuff :). stephanie went to iraq, so it was sad to see her go, and i haven't heard from her there yet... waiting on that.

other than that, lots of work and trying to work out my trip up to OR and then what i'm doing when i get there. tim is driving with me and then hanging out for a few days in portland, so that'll be fun. just need to work out our route and if we're stopping and camping on the way...

went from sacramento back to bethesda (where i am right now). am here just a few days, going to eric's wedding tomorrow (eeeek! when did that happen?) but i'm excited to see him, and also dida, gracie and ems! yay! got to see raychel and karen too and that was a nice treat!

mostly i'm trying to catch up on sleep and enjoy the cold, dark basement because the next 2 weeks of my life are going to be insanely busy and then i have NO IDEA what is going to happen... adventure!