Saturday, June 07, 2008

my heart was deep space and my head was maths

well, the last month has been all over the place. most of it i spent back east on a trip of varied sorts. first i went to boston, got to hang with dr. graciela for a day, had dinner with dawn and dave and then craig picked me up and we headed west to amherst. i got to meet with his favorite prof, betsey, and hung out in his house for a few days. definitely brought back the memories, kegs and beirut in the middle of the afternoon... it was echoes of 40... speaking of, it was just my 5-year college reunion. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??!!?? (i didn't go, but still). hung with craig for a few days til the family arrived for graduation. then we packed up and drove home to MD, the next morning in the newly unloaded car, i repacked and headed down to the outer banks, NC to spend the week there prior to Sarah and Michael's wedding!

A-MAZE-ING. it's been 4 years since i've been to the OBX, and goddamn, i've missed it. there's just something about that place... and while some has changed and it's definitely more crowded than it used to be, it's still got that feeling. it was just such a joy to be there again, not to mention to be with all the beach people, too! weird that we weren't all together in one house, but so great to spend time with everyone. the wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and it was an honor to be a part of that - thank you mike and sarah :) you both were wonderful, and i wish you much happiness and joy :). anyway, i have approximately a million pictures, here ya go:

back east 5-20 - 6-5

Sarah and Michael's Wedding

after a wonderful week at the beach, craig and i headed up to c'ville to see dad, karina and kian for a couple days. we also got to grab dinner with judy, wayne and the kids, so great to see you all! i'm sorry it was so short and we hardly got to catch up... you're just going to have to come visit me out in portland when i move :). i luckily, also caught up with court for a couple of hours - which was great. can't believe it's been a year since i saw her at dawn and dave's wedding! it's never enough time... but then it was back to MD for the night (where we had no power and i got to play in the dark for hours by myself...) and then off to the airport the next morning and back to the west coast.

and now i'm back in san diego, and the realization kind of hit me when i was away, about how soon i'm really leaving and how much i need to accomplish before then...eeeek! as far as good to be home? eh... i don't know, san diego has never really felt like home, and still doesn't. great to see my puma again, and my friends, but i can't say i really missed here...

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