Monday, June 23, 2008


what a week.

this past week was all over the place. started a new job at a massage clinic. which was fine, not nearly busy enough. and they're kind of disorganized. worked at acusport and blue lotus. matt's in NZ, and i'm wicked jealous! let's see, also got another job at a different spa, doing massage- which i have training for today. i'm pretty sure i'm never going to have any free time until i leave san diego, at this rate...

other than that, watched the NZ v ENG rugby game, and clearly NZ won. it was better than last week's game - they played a bit tighter and more fluidly - it was fun to watch. also got to hang out with jeremy and some of his friends yesterday at his place which was great. haven't gotten to see him since he went to china so it was a good time. i miss that kid. just finished a 14 day detox and happy to be done with that!

in other news, EMILY GETS HERE TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait. i'm kind of in disbelief that she is ACTUALLY moving here. it's so crazy. i'm so excited. though, i have NO time this week, and so don't know how much i will get to see her :(. but hopefully we can squeeze in lunch tomorrow!

and that's pretty much the story. life from here on out is going to be BUSY BUSY BUSY and a little chaotic, and so much to still figure out and plan, and it freaks me out a little to think about it too much... so on that note, i must be off to a meeting and then training and then work...

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