Saturday, February 02, 2008

..i'm going to clear my head/i'm going to drink that sun...

man, what a week. i came down with a nasty illness for most of it. started monday night with a really bad chest cough that hurt. took some herbs on tuesday and managed to clear the cough out of my chest but the sickness just went up to my head and i was all congested and sneezy... but i supposed up and out is better than down and in... i'm finally feeling like a normal human being again, albeit a bit congested still.

monday night i also went out to RICE at the W hotel with muffin, because it was restaurant week

other excitement of course was heading down to Vice (don't get me started on this one) to get my HHP license renewed. it was actually pretty easy this time around, didn't have to wait, but it's just a pain in the ass, not to mention expensive. here's to making it all back when i finish school in april and actually have TIME to work.

in other news, i just have to say i think i have some of the coolest friends ever: karen just got past the first round of interviews for a fulbright! court is going to school for wine-making, dawn just placed in the top-5 at a field goal kicking contest (yeah allstar!) and emily is coming out to san diego for a meeting at Scripps!!!!

the rest of my week was the same old same old craziness... 9 more to go! i can't wait... figured out all my applications for boards, so i pretty much just have to write the check and mail those in.

and now, it's art day! cheryl is on her way over, and i am baking molasses-spice cookies... you know you wish you were here :) so it seemed like the thing to do. i had the most amazing kobe beef short ribs... they were so tender, it was delicious, didn't need a knife or anything! anyway, that was a nice treat to start out a crazy week.

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