Friday, January 25, 2008

...steady as she goes...

it's friday. finally. this week has just seemed so incredibly long... not to mention it's been rainy (which always makes me happy, but not so the rest of the residents of 'always-sunny-san diego'). so the week in recap:

monday: none of my patients showed up on my clinic shift (ah! it's raining, i might melt!). so i treated one of the assistants, hungout in the herb room making formulas and then co-treated with a friend. then off to children's... natalia and i saw this 5 year old boy with a brain-stem tumor, he's pretty much at end of life, has a DNR... *sigh* paralyzed from the neck down and wasn't communicating verbally. he was there though, his eyes were tracking us and responding. but, the killer isn't even seeing the kids like this, it's looking around their rooms and seeing the pictures of them when they were healthy and playing... it's enough to make you just about lose it. i honestly just can't even comprehend what life must be like for these kids, or their families... my heart goes out to them.

tuesday: ha. i am not sure what my problem was. i actually woke up for boxing at 5, and got out of bed and then decided not to go. also, called in to my volunteer shift and it was slow, so i didn't go for that either. went for a 55min jog as the weather was actually lovely - it had rained the night before, so the air was all cool and crisp but the sun was out. it was good to get some vitamin D. then went to work in the afternoon.

wednesday: had a full full japanese clinic. as usual. thought my first patient didn't show. (Rain, again). but one of the other interns was really sick, so i treated him. and then saw two of my regular patients. had class in the afternoon and then clinic at PB free. where i am having an issue with one of my patients. he's always there early and expects me to treat him immediately (even though we don't technically start treatments til 6) and he calls me 'kid' which is fine, but it's the way he says it. "what's this kid's name?" he asked my supervisor even though i was standing right there. "so, kid, you know what you're doing?" and it's not just this... i don't know what he wants me to treat - he won't ever tell me "you're the dr, kid, you tell me" and he doesn't tell me if he gets better or worse... so i have no idea if the treatment is any good. i'm really frustrated. and i spoke to one of my supervisors about it yesterday and he was just like "is there anything you can learn from him, think about that for a week" which is fine, but i've been thinking about it for a month. and actually i'm not learning ANYthing. that's the problem. and i have bad qi when i treat him, because i don't want to. and that's not fair to him either. so i am hoping maybe someone else can treat him next week. because if it were my own clinic there is a talk i would have with him about respect, etc and that i didn't want to treat him as a patient anymore, and i would refer him. but i don't feel like i can say that, since i have to see him every week even if i'm not treating him. anyway...

thurs: up at 5 for boxing. kong brought out the big guns. man class was hard this week. there were only 3 of us there. i mean it's usually hard, but this was killer. awesome though. except my SI joint has been bugging me (i think it's all the jogging), so i couldn't do everything (which of course drives me crazy). then class. then i skipped my 2nd class (sorry nancy!) to get an acu tx with Vasa for my SI joint. and of course i got chastized for jogging in the first place ("on concrete?! what's wrong with walking, or swimming?") i know, i know... but... and he told me not to do too many left hooks. :P. had a great tx, feel better, and THANK YOU IAN! for doing some awesome massage and stretching, it really helped! then after acu, class again! went home and crashed out almost immediately.

fri: here i am at work. slept ok last night. am SO SORE from yesterday. it's crazy. but i kinda like it. and it really makes sleeping feel so good :). the rest of my plans for the day include going down to Vice to renew my HHP license (if i can find my certification! eeek!), working out at some point, and having a chill night... possibly cleaning the house... ha!

the weekend forecast: bjorn is getting into town tonight, so cheryl and i have plans to hang out with him and TJ on saturday night - to relive our portland adventures! :) it'll be fun. and sunday am going to meditation, possibly hiking with cheryl and then pub quiz with some friends... and all too soon it'll be over! and back to the week...eeeeek!

so, here goes... have a happy weekend!

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