Sunday, February 17, 2008

ruck it to the west!

ok, so i know i've been a little slow on the updating. BUT. life has been crazy busy. so last weekend the IRB rugby 7s was in San Diego. For all you non-rugby people, 7s is a modification of traditional rugby union that has 7 players per side, and 7 minute halves. The games are really fast and fun to watch! it also means an ENTIRE tournament can go down in 2 days. which is exactly what happened. this is a big deal, it's in the 7s world series circuit and it's the only major rugby tourney played in the US. (it used to be in LA, i went with laura a couple years ago but now it's in SD, YAY!). so, naturally i went alllllllllllllllllll weekend. the weather was great, and i had SUCH a good time! granted i was slightly less productive in the rest of my life... but really, who cares :P! so, here are a few pics from last weekend.

at the start of the day... here's the schedule for the morning.

NZ's team! victor vito is AMAZING, so fast! he was so much fun to watch!

hehehe. don't ask...
(this was a rivalry b/c FRA beat NZ in the world cup semifinals in october...grrrr)

me and... (i totally forgot her name, but she was tons of fun)

everyone loves Kenya! (esp when they're beating ENG!)
FINAL!!!!! NZ v SA (NZ won, of course)

ok, so tons more pictures, some people from the game have some more to send me. so eventually i'll post more :). but it was such an AWESOME weekend. god, i miss rugby so much (good thing super14 started this week!) so rugby all weekend, and also Ray at Night with Aimee and co. lots of fun. i was totally wiped from being in the sun all day both days and *sigh* it was just great!

crazy week of school, busy stuff. midterms and all that jazz. childrens... i'll post about that later, can't get into it right now. this weekend has been pretty chill. went out with rudy, mike and cheryl on friday night. haven't been out out in ages. went to AC lounge, danced lots and stayed out late. not gonna lie, had a bit of hangover saturday morning :). today i baked HEAPS! had dinner at TJs to celebrate his bday. he makes this spaghetti dinner every year (he has since he was a kid) with his grandmother's sauce recipe. so he had a few people over and i made a pumpkin pie (his favorite) and dulce-de-leche cheesecake which came out AMAZING
this picture does not do it justice (and my camera is being weird, must get it checked out) but i don't really like dulce de leche or cheesecake and i have to say it was pretty good, and everyone else absolutely LOVED it. i LOVE baking :) yay!

ok, now that i've made an update i must finish cleaning house and get some sleep. another busy week (i do NOT have the day off tomorrow) and amy and natalie come on tuesday, so that's exciting!

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