Thursday, January 17, 2008

...good morning baby, i hope i'm gonna make it through another day...

*sigh* it's just past 9am and i'm already ready for a nap. this week has been so busy, i just know i'm going to crash out when i get home tonight. unfortunately that's just over 12 hours away...

let's see - monday was good, had a clinic shift at school and then went to children's. kinda learned my way around with natalia - we ended up walking from one end to another more than once... i think we've got the place down now. after we got all badged and legal, we ended up seeing an almost 13 year old boy with a genetic muscle wasting disease. the kid was adorable, but he has been in the hospital (this admission) for months already. and his mom sleeps on the pull out chair. we did 2 needles on him, and some passive movement and massage. also we did massage on his mom and grandmother, and it's kind of amazing to see the change in him, when his mom relaxed... so cool. then i also treated a highschool girl who is in the chronic pain program for her headaches, though being much better it was her last treatment as she had graduated the program (outpatient). overall it was good shift, still a little overwhelming, but i think it's going to be a good thing, though definitely challenging.

that was monday. then tuesday, up at 5am for boxing. which was great. kong kicked my ass - which was necessary. but man, hadn't been for 3 weeks (comps, away, sick...) and yeah, i'm hurting... but in a good way :). then work all day. wednesday i had 3 clinic shifts - the last one at PB free - lots of emotional cases. and a woman who's a paranoid schizophrenic... who told me she never talked to human beings. interesting. but got a lovely treatment, and she calmed down and was quiet for the whole time...which was stellar! also saw a patient i had seen last week who had some severe wrist pain and she said it was SO much better this week, so that was good to hear! finally got home 10.30 pm and tried to get some sleep.

up again at 5 this morning for boxing. and now in school for 12 hours... i can't wait for my bed tonight.

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Erica said...

i'm so glad you're blogging again !