Sunday, January 10, 2010

welcome to miami...

so, actually. this is a bit late. i had all these thoughts about posting over the vacation but... yeah, i was kind of lazy. miami was great. it was SO good to see dad (a year and a half without seeing him, that was crazy - i can't believe it was that long...never again). It was also great to have some sunshine and warm weather... a break from the chillier climes of oregon. the week in miami was just what i needed, a little recharge - away from work (as much as i love it, it's still great to have a break), hanging with family (Kian is so big, it's amazing how time goes), being next to the ocean... ahhh, i love it.

anyway, tim and i had a great time - walked around south beach, people watched, visited the everglades, swam in the ocean, saw beautiful sunrises, ate delicious cuban food... it was good :).

and now i'm back in portland, good to be here with puma, i missed her! glad to be working, and actually just starting a 14 days detox today with some of the other practitioners and patients at awakening lotus. it's different than some the detoxs i've done before, and i'm excited about it - especially do be doing it with a group - it has a different feel than doing it on my own. that being said, one of the things i wanted to do along with detox was write everyday. however, i think i am going to post the detox musing on the anatomy acupuncture site... so if you're interested, check them out over there.

much love, and a couple photos from miami...

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