Sunday, September 28, 2008

how could i forget to mention/the bicycle is a good invention

and no. i don't have one of my own yet. have to work on that.

this past week... more disappointment on the work front. had a few interviews, wasn't really feeling it. didn't get the job i preferred. got offered a job i *really* don't want, so i declined, but that was hard as well. so, still looking... and waiting on my license...

also hung out with nick a couple days this past week, just chilling and exploring portland. nick and i went to PCOM together but had never actually spoken to each other, and he moved up here the same time i did and is in the same sort of situation... so, it was cool to hang out and explore together.

yesterday bjorn and i headed out to rickreall (about an hour away) to watch mason race in the rickeall open (a cyclo-cross race) it was a gorgeous day out, and ryan's farm was an awesome place to have it. superfun to watch, the course went around the farm and hazelnut orchard and through the woods, and there were some neat features like ladders and the over/under. it was a little dusty out in the sun, but lots of excitement, and of course, a few wipe-outs. then a bunch of stayed the night and camped out on ryan's yard (or couch) - thank you ryan!

other than that, am planning on heading to the small business administration tomorrow morning to see if they can give me some guidance on starting my own business... seemed like a good idea. and then, of course, the excitement of my week is that tim is coming to visit! he's taking the train up from san diego (i know, it's a looooong ride) and will be here wednesday. yay! :)

oh, i forgot, our team WON trivia thursday night! whooo hoo! thanks jake and jackie!

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