Thursday, September 04, 2008

get the motor running/head out on the highway/looking for adventure/or whatever comes our way...


i made it. to portland. finally.

it's strange, it's been a long time coming, and i've been talking about it for soooooo long. i can't believe i'm really here. it's still a little surreal. though i just dropped tim at the airport today and so it's feeling less like vacation and more like my actual life right now... eeeeek!

other updates before i do the trip recap - i passed CA state boards, because i am SURE you were all dying to know! not that it matters, but it's nice nonetheless.

right, back to business...

the last few days at home were kind of stressful. trying to see people and get the house and car and trailer sorted. dad was in town so it was great to see him and between emily, dad and tim, my life was much more manageable - thank you all for being absoultely wonderful and dealing with my freaking out and for helping, you rock my world!

and everyone else, who came to shakespeare's or did lunch with me, etc, thank you so much! it was a pleasure to see you and i'm so glad i got to say goodbye... there's an open invitation to you all if you're ever in the pacific northwest!

so, let's see, packed up the trailer on thursday, tim was AMAZING at packing it up, we had so much more room than i thought... had lunch with amielle, dad and i got acupuncture from vasa, then dropped puma off at stephanie's for the week, dropped dad at the hotel and picked up dinner and pretty much called it a night. tim and i hit the road at about 4.30am on friday, managed to make it through LA with minimal traffic! cheryl was awesome and woke up and met us off the highway near her house, to say hi and bring us coffee (thanks babe! so great to see you!) then it was all highway all the time till we hit yosemite!

yosemite was AMAZING. definitely need to go back for real and spend a week there sometime. we got there in the afternoon and set up camp and just kind of wandered around and played in the river. it was really freaking HOT, like 97* and so a nice little swim was grand! crashed out pretty hard that night, and were on the road again at 7.30 the next morning... drove through northern CA and southern OR and ended up at crater lake, OR at around 7.30pm... however, when we got there, it was just about FREEZING! crazy the different climates a 12 hour drive can bring... we mostly just set up camp and fire and called it a night. The next morning, everything had frozen over...eeek! glad i had my whole life in the trailer and so had extra clothing because the weather forecast said nothing about temps THAT low.

spent the day going around crater lake, had gorgeous sunshine, and without the wind, the temp was actually quite nice... until the evening, when amazingly enough it SNOWED! not much or long, but, STILL it was still AUGUST, and SNOWING! crazy! but tim had a great little fire going, and we had soup and tea and kept warm!

monday morning we packed up and headed out, and up to portland! went through eugene and stopped at The Wandering Goat Coffee Shop (amazing, you must go if you're in eugene!) and then stopped by Bjorn's parents' place in Corvallis (he was there) to pick up a key, and then to portland! had a pretty sedate night, SHOWERED for the first time in 4 days (it was SO needed) and then had dinner and slept! tuesday we unpacked the trailer, and returned it, then spent a little time in downtown portland, visited powell's (of course) and wandered through washington park (SO pretty, didn't take photos, but will go back soon and accomplish this!). then yesterday we decided to hit up the coast since i wanted tim to see it up in oregon since we didn't make it on the drive up... drove from portland out to cannon beach and then south on the 101 to tillamook (yes, where they make the cheese, we went to the factory too!) and then back to portland. we had an awesome picnic lunch sitting on rocks by a bay somewhere between manzanita and tillamook... the weather was idea, and it was just so pretty and chill! went to a local brew pub last night and had some of the microbrews oregon is known for...

this morning had to pack up tim (who wouldn't leave me his tent... i have no idea why :P) and after brunch we went to the airport, and now i'm back home. and it's weird. starting to sink in that it's not just vacation anymore. on that note, thank you tim, SO MUCH for making the trip with me... it wouldn't have been the same without you, and i'm so glad you were there :).

i'm a little tripped out about being here and not having friends local, and not having a job yet, and all that kind of stuff is a little overwhelming at the moment. and the *hard* part is just kind of hitting me emotionally, and i knew it would... and i DO NOT regret moving, i still think it's the right thing for me, but that doesn't mean it isn't hard and that i have to go through this adjustment period... *sigh*

anyway, that's about it! now that i'm back with internet and currently have some time on my hands, i'll be updating with further adventures more often (and hopefully pictures!).

on the horizon, emily is coming up tomorrow evening with PUMAAAAAAAAAAAAA which is great, miss them both SO much!

enjoy the pictures, keep in touch and if you know anyone in portland who wants acupuncture, please send them my way! :)

and i know i've posted this before, but i'm feeling this quite acutely at the moment, so wanted to repost....

Of Movement

We live somewhere: in a country, in a town in that country, in a neighbourhood in that town, in a street in that neighbourhood, in a building in that street, in an apartment in that building.

We should long ago have got into the habit of moving about, of moving about freely, without it being too much trouble. But we haven't done so, we've stayed where we were; things have stayed as they were. We haven't asked ourselves why it was there and not somewhere else, why it was like this and not otherwise. Then, obviously, it was too late, our habits were formed. We began to think we were well off where we were. After all, we were as well off there as over the road.

We have difficulty changing, even if it's only the position of our furniture. Moving house is quite a business.

-Georges Perec


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