Tuesday, July 22, 2008

of movement

was away for the weekend (more on that and pictures in another post) and it got me thinking a little bit about travel, and why i need to. what it is about going someplace else, somewhere else... and of course, with the impending move, i was thinking about what is my drive. WHY do i need to do this (because, it IS a need for me)? and i was re-reading some of georges perec's Species of Spaces and Other Pieces and i came across this passage (see below)... and it seemed only fitting. and somewhat explained my predicament. i DO ask why... because it does become habit, and there is a lack of thought, we just are, and it just is. but when you start to ask, when there is a question, you have to move, sitting still is no longer an option...

Of Movement

We live somewhere: in a country, in a town in that country, in a neighbourhood in that town, in a street in that neighbourhood, in a building in that street, in an apartment in that building.

We should long ago have got into the habit of moving about, of moving about freely, without it being too much trouble. But we haven't done so, we've stayed where we were; things have stayed as they were. We haven't asked ourselves why it was there and not somewhere else, why it was like this and not otherwise. Then, obviously, it was too late, our habits were formed. We began to think we were well off where we were. After all, we were as well off there as over the road.

We have difficulty changing, even if it's only the position of our furniture. Moving house is quite a business.

-Georges Perec

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