Tuesday, December 02, 2008

tastes so good makes a grown man cry/sweet cherry pie*

*disclaimer, there is no cherry pie*



thanksgiving was...


good chaos. but chaos nonetheless (as per usual). it was a whirlwind several days - lots and lots of baking to do and people to see! it was great to be home and the new kitchen was beautiful AND functional! hooray! got to catch up with lots of friends and see family, it was good to be home. also wandered around DC a bit with tim. but more than that there was PIE. lots and lots of PIE.

now am back in portland, and this week is starting off kind of slow... lots of cancellations (don't know what is up with that) and i am exhausted. but, things are good - and i am happy to be back and hang with my puma (who yelled at me excessively upon my return).

mostly, i just want to say how great it was to see everyone - mike and sarah, emily, karen, grace, dida, clint, patric, meg, jen, eric and meryl, min and matt, ivone, laura, miori and of course the fam: mama, craig, amy, natalie, david and the kitties :)

more tgiving pix when emily gets around to sending me photos :P

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