Friday, October 10, 2008

in the misty morning hours she calls to me

ok, here's the recap of the past week... tim came up to visit by train all the way from san diego, a formidable task of 35+ hours. not to mention the huge delay at everybody's favorite, klamath falls. so, he arrived late last wednesday night, and we did all sorts of exploring around portland for the next week!

highlights include: powell's, washington park, japanese garden, rogue brewpub, belmont and hawthorne areas, the pearl district, crossing the washington state line, winning trivia for the 2nd week in a row, voodoo donut, park blocks, but probably the best part of the trip was our jaunt along the columbia river gorge and camping out at hood river.

we took off on a misty morning and drove along the historic columbia river highway, the views of the river and gorge looked like something out of a movie set. the low clouds, the intense greens... it was almost jurassic park. (minus the velociraptors of course). all along the gorge there are various waterfalls that we stopped at, did a little bit of hiking and took way too many photos.

as you can see, words don't really do this justice. it was just SO GORGEOUS. the green, the water, the moss... *sigh* it makes me SO happy that i get to live here. it is surreal in a way. anyway, i don't remember the names of all the falls we went to, but i tried to label them if i did. multnomah falls is the big one, it has a drop of 620 feet or so... very cool.

we headed along the gorge about 60 miles outside portland and then followed the hood river a bit til we got to tucker park. and we camped there, right on the river. it was awesome. the campsite was nice and wooded and waking up to river in the morning was such a treat. we explored the river banks a bit... a little bit of rock scrambling, and then took the scenic route home and got to see some pretty autumn leaves and a few nice views of mt hood.

and here are a couple videos from camp:

i had such a great time exploring and finding new fun places with tim (thanks so much for visiting!) and mostly just hanging out and getting to know oregon with him. hopefully the similarities to english weather didn't put him off too much, and he'll be back to visit again soon :P

and now that tim is back in san diego, i am once again left to my own devices... still working on the job thing, but have a couple of leads. as you saw in my last post, my license came through, so i am trying to work on my future regarding that. cross your fingers that something good will come up soon :)

on another exciting note, mama is coming to visit in a week! yay! (i know, it's like i run a hotel here or something...)

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Emily Kelly said...

ok. duh- my favorites are (not in this order necessarily) 1) mossy wall, 2) photo on top of the falls 3) SQUIRREL! and 4) HOLY CRAP I LOVE THE TIM-NARRATED VIDEO OF THE CAMPSITE AND RIVER! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, love it. Timmeroonie- have you been on TV before? It totallly shows. SPLENDID work!

So glad you guys had a blast!!!!!